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Sekhar say:Where can I purchase approximately 1000' of 36" 3 X 2 pvc coated welded wire mesh fencing material? Does it come in 100' rolls? How much does it cost?

Vinay Agarwal say: Please make us an offer for welded mesh sheets 2000x1000mm 50x50x2? Minimum quantity?

Manish Tyagi say: I was wondering if your welded wire mesh machine could make it?, could you please help me and send me the quotation and technical data of this machine.

Basheer say: We need at this time welded wire mesh with this specifications: 
Caliber: 14
Grid:     1x1 (inches)
width:    1.2 m
slater kind

Kiran Kumar say: Need Welded pre galvanised wire mesh.

R.Costa say: You are kindly requested to let us have your offer for the supply FOB of the following: 14000,00 square meters Welded wire mesh , 4mm mild steel wire, opening 40x40mm to be used as mesh reinforcement in concrete sub base. Please treat our enquiry as urgent..

Mehreen Idrees say: We are interested in obtaining approximately 10 – 3’ x 3’ welded and black coated panels. We plan to use them for decking sides, thus, they should be sturdy.

Erik Alschuler say: Need some welded wire panels, 8 ft x 8ft. x 3/16” dia. wire 2x4” openings. or 2.43m. x 2.43metres panels. 5mm. wire dia. openings 50.8mm x 101.6 mm. Do you have a supplier here in Ontario, Canada. that I can purchase from?

Bill Vetleson say: I would like to inquire on your PVC Coated Welded Wire Mesh (Green panel), 100mmx100mm x 6mm dia, as to how much is the cost per roll or sheet of materials? Please also advice the coverage of each sheet or roll.

Global Impact Say: We are a large manufacturer and distributors of gerden fencing products and wire products.
We are looking for welded mesh panel as follows:
- 2mx1m - mesh: 52,9x53,3mm - Diameter: 1,72-1,75mm - weight # 1,3kg
- 400 pieces/pallet.
We will need a quotation of Electro-galvanized and hot-dipped galvanized, CIF Antwerp
We first need 10 containers.

Price for safety screen mesh-25x25x3 in black and in optional price in your standard galvanised finish-- Attached PDF is a sketch of the 172 sheets as required, we are negotiating to get further 200 such sheets to be included in our order for the next contract order as well.Please advise your best price by the COB today or earlier if possible for our meeting with the client at 3.30 pm.Please advise if the panels can be shipped with the required bends. And can you provide extra price option if the mesh is to be galvanised after fabrication of the welded mesh instead of using the pre-galvanised wire.

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XiaoYong Welded Mesh Co.

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XiaoYong Welded Mesh Co.

XiaoYong specializes in supplying quality and reliable welded wire, welded mesh products, wire carts and trolleys made of welded wire, welded wire cages, welded mesh fence, panels, as well as welded mesh production line. Based in North China, we export to the world.

General Comparing of the Three Major Types of Welded Meshes:

Galvanized after welding mesh has thorough zinc coating. It uses more zinc and more money for producing than Welded Mesh Galvanized Before Welding. PVC Vinyl coated welded wire netting is mostly light type for fencing panels used with posts. Stainless Steel or SS weld mesh panels are used for sites requiring excellent acid and corrosion resistance.

If you need any assistance with product selection please feel free to contact us.

Please click on a button in the table to view and learn more about our specific welded wire products.

Hot Dipped Galvanized Welded Mesh Panels Products:

The popular specification for export of the year 2015: 
1. Hot dip zinc plated Welded Mesh:  
        Centre to centre distance  :  12 mm
         Panel width                     :  4 ft.
         Panel length                    :  10 ft.
         Wire diameter                  ;  14 gauge

        Centre to centre distance  :  50 mm 
         Panel width                     :  4 ft.
         Panel length                    :  10 ft.
         Wire diameter                  ;  2.3 mm
2. Standard Weld Mesh (SWM) Fencing Panels or Rolls
The mesh panels, support posts and toppings meeting the following specifications:
• Type: Standard weld mesh

Weld Mesh Panels:
• Minimum Overall Height: 2600mm plus 300mm buried below ground.
• Width of panels: approximately 2500mm
• Minimum wire thickness: 3mm.
Posts & Fixings
• Steel posts min 3mm thick
• All metals Hot Dip Galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 or equivalent.
• Galvanised wire with polyester coating.
Security Topping
• Barbed Tape Concertina/Razor Coil security topping at least 500mm in height to be applied to the top of the fence.

3.  Heavy Gauge Steel Weld Mesh Panel for Fencing:
Heavy gauge, narrow aperture weld mesh panels, support posts and security topping meeting the following minimum specifications:

Weld Mesh Panels
• Minimum Height: 3000mm plus 300mm buried below ground
• Width of panels: approximately 2500mm
• Maximum aperture size: 80 mm x 12 mm (WxH)
• Minimum wire thickness: 3mm.
• All external fixings to be tamper proof
• Zinc-Aluminium (95/5) coating. Not to be polyester coated.

Welded Wire Mesh Products Photo Lists:

Welded Wire Meshes can be made with four finishes and assortments (listed as below) supplied in flattened rolls or cut to size pieces. The common standard weld mesh is used for fence panels, industrial screening or concrete reinforcement steel grids.

Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel Wire Mesh, Galvanized After Weld GBW Mesh Panels PVC Vinyl Coated Wire Mesh Fencing Panels Stainless Steel Finishes
Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel Wire Mesh, Galvanized After Weld GBW Wire Mesh Panels and Rolls PVC Vinyl Coated Wire Mesh Fencing Panels Stainless Steel Welded Mesh
  • Pls refer to the following inquiries from our customer and get an ideal on the current popular exporting products in the market:

    Inquiry for PVC coated wire, PVC coated welded wire, or PVC coated welded wire mesh. This is going to be used on an animal cage. Looking at 1/2" spacing or 1" spacing. Looking for colors other than green. Interested in grey, yellow, red, purple, or black. Again this for a home project. Needing 19 or 16 gauge in either 1" or 1/2" spacing. need it under $20 with shipping.

Requiring for welded wire mesh panels: 10mm thick wire, 88.9mm square opening, panel size 1,219mm x 3,048mm, steel and or galvanized steel.

Seeking a quotation for the supply of welded mesh fence panels:
The panels are 200 x 50mm.mesh,manufactured from 5mm.wire and galvanised.
Width is 3.0m.and heights are 1.52,1.81,2.0 & 2.41m.
Panels incorporate 'V' shape reinforcing folds.

Looking for a quantity of welded wire mesh with the following specs:
Height: 72"
Pattern:  4" by 4"
Gauge:  10 gauge
Finish:  Galvanized ( for outdoor use )

Request a quotation for the following product:

Material: Galvanized Plastic coated wire
Wire Diameter: 1.80 mm
Plastic Coated Diameter: 2.80 mm
Tolerance: ±0.05 mm
Coils: duly wrapped for sea transportation with 4 belts weighing from 600 to 850 Kg

A requriement for rolls of welded pre galvanised wire mesh:
The hot dipped galvanized wire must have a tensile strength of 450 to 50 0 N/mm² and the zinc coated must be from 40 to 50 g/m².
84' x 4' x 4' x 20ft in both 10g and 8g.
Competition is very hard at the moment and I need your very best discount price.

Looking for a new long-term supplier of high carbon steel wire.

Please see the PDF file and let me know.

Looking to buy some Galvanised welded mesh similar to the enclosed photo below. The spacing is 50mm x 50mm by approx 8mm thick.Must be galvanised, Must be rigid, not flexible. Much appreciated.

Welded Galvanized Rigid Mesh

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