Mild Steel Welded Panels for Reinforcing of Concrete Elements

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Hot rolled mild steel wire is the popular material for making of welded wire reinforcing fabrics. It can be made with pre galvanized wire then weld together, or hot dipped with zinc plating after weld processing. The low cost and strong and flexible structure make the welded steel mesh an ideal structural building materials, with the property of strengthening and reinforcing.

Galvanized steel welded mesh panels are high tensile wire grid fabrics welded into the form of rectangular mesh styles. The welded wires have high strength structure with firm welding spots and uniform wire spacing. The mesh sheet is generally specified and manufactured according to standard references making for easy site identification, quality control and management.

Steel mesh reinforcement is manufactured in sheets or rolls resulting in a quick and simple site installation process.

Surface Treatment: Self colored black steel, bright electro galvanized or hot-dipped galvanized.

Materials: Low carbon steel wire, mild steel wire, stainless steel wire and steel rod, steel bars


Reinforcing mesh is made by fully automatic and intelligentized production line under strict quality control. Mesh grid, reinforcing mesh specification and quality are all strictly controlled. The mesh panel has high intensity, good flexibility, accurate spaces and welding joint. The project quality improves a lot.

2.Improving the function of earthquake proof and anticracking
The network of the reinforcing mesh combines with concrete. The pressure will spread evenly. This will obviously improve the function of earthquake proof and anticracking of the reinforcing mesh. According to some tests, reinforcing mesh built on the roads will reduce at least 75% of the crack happening.

3.Saving the reinforcing bar
The common used reinforcing bar strength is 210N/mm(pingfang). While the design strength of the reinforcing mesh is 360N/mm(pingfang).Using reinforcing mesh will save 30% of the quantity of the reinforcing bar. Besides, there is no loss because we need to process after carrying the reinforcing mesh to the construction site.

4.Speed up the construction
Using reinforcing mesh will speed up the construction. We can pour the concrete after laying the reinforcing mesh. So we omit some complex segments. By using reinforcing mesh will save time and shorten the construction period.

Mild Steel Mesh Panels in Construction
Weld Mesh Flat Sheets, Strengthening the Walls Welded Bar Grid
Reinforcing steel bar R4,R4.5,R5,R6,R7,R8,R9,R10,R11,R12
Mesh Space(mm) Vertically 100,150,200,300,400
Laterally 100-400
Mesh Panel Size(mm) Width: 2600
Technical Specifications Tensile Strength:550Mpa
Tensile Stretch:8%
Shearing Resistance of Welding Joint:150AS
Design Intensity 360Mpa
Product Standard YBT 076-1995,JGJ 114-2003