Pile Reinforcement Cage - Welded Spiral Steel Concrete Pile Cage

Reinforcement cage is a kind of welded cages specially used for strengthening concrete. It is made by welding with carbon steel rebars into a cage-shaped steel banding mounted skeleton. Generally used in the pile for reinforcement or to strengthen tendons of location bar, etc.

Spiral steel reinforcement cage is used to ensure that the role of transverse force of the pile, and its density has a crucial role to prevent the pile case from cracking.

To collect the short pile cage together to longer, we have two methods.
A, combine the main rebar first and then the pile cage, that is to say, butt weld the rebar of 9m length together to 9-27 meters and then use the pilemaster to longer pile cage.
B, combine the pile cage and then the main rebar, first make the pile cage of 9m or 12m of standard. And then weld the short pile cages to longer pile cages.

How to install the inner reinforcing bar and double rebar:
To improve the efficiency, if we want the double rebar pile cage but not single rebar pile cage, normally we suggest welding the second bar after the pile cage is formed.

And for the inner reinforcing bar, we supply the rebar bending machine to reinforcing the stirrup, compare to weld manually, the difference is it didn’t seal the rebar ends, and it will be easier to install.

Spiral Steel Reinforcement Cages  Pile Cages for Concrete