Reinforcing Mesh Welding Line

Reinforcing mesh welding line consists of the shelf for releasing line, warp-rectified mechanism, mesh welding machine, mesh cutting machine and the shelf for mesh falling material. For manufacture of heavy welded bar reinforcing mesh used in construction.

The welding machine system can weld Ø3 to Ø14 cold-rolled reinforcing steel bar with rib, steel wire as well as stainless steel wire. It adopts hydraulic pressure transmission. PLC can compile procedure controlling in order to make the distance of the mesh check accurate and operate conveniently. It can adopt once pressurization, once electrify or once pressurization, three times electrify while welding, The disk of warp release the line, warp rectifying, weft increasing material, mesh welding, mesh cutting the falling net for the fixed length. All the actions go on successively and automatically. Many types design can satisfy different requirements. ABE series are machinery, they adopt electrical machinery which can change frequency to control electrode servo, electrical machinery control the pulling mesh.  It adopts Siemens PLC.

Welded Mesh Panel Machine

Main parameter of Reinforcing mesh welding line:

MODEL NO. RMW-5/12-3300 RMW-5/12-3000 RMW-5/12-2400
Rated transformer 8*125KVA 8*125KVA 6*125KVA
Max. Width 3300mm 3000mm 2400mm
Mesh opening 100-400mm 100-400mm 100-400mm
Number of Eletrodes 33 (CAN BE REQUIRE) 30 (CAN BE REQUIRE) 24 (CAN BE REQUIRE)
Wire diameter 5-12 MM 5-12 MM 5-12 MM
SPEED 60-80 line/min 60-80 line/min 60-80 line/min
Air pressure (Mpa) (0.7Mpa) 4.5m 3 (0.7Mpa) 4.5m 3 (0.7Mpa) 4.5m 3
Feeding materials Wire rod or line wire Wire rod or line wire Wire rod or line wire
RAW MATERIALS Reiforced steel bar Reiforced steel bar Reiforced steel bar