Welded Steel Fence Panels, Galvanized or PVC Coated

Quick View:
As the most widely used versatile mesh materials, Welded Wire Mesh ( galvanized or PVC coated) is used as fences and guards in houses, parks, sports field, zoo and airports. We also supply galvanized steel fence posts and PVC coated fence posts to complete the installation and fence system.

Welded Wire Mesh Panels are made of normally galvanized or PVC coated wire mesh sheets. Galvanized fence panels have a bright metal surface while the plastic coated fence panels have multi color choices. This welded mesh is mainly used as safety fences for roads, railway, schools, public buildings, and the others in the forms of temporary fence panels, portable fence or perimeter fences. The surface treatment includes PVC coated welded wire and galvanized welded wire and so on. Welded wire panels have more firm structure and longer service life compared with woven wire fences, due to the line welding processing.

Welded wire fences Processing:
Low carbon steel wire arranged in lines and spot welded to flat structure, and then cold-plating (plating), hot dip, PVC plastic coating surface passivation. The welded mesh fence offer surface smooth, uniform mesh, good performance, stability, anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion resistance.

Welded Wire Fence Features:
Precise construction
Uniform opening
Excellent corrosion
Rust resistance.

Surface Treatment:
Surface treatment is commonly electro galvanizing, hot dipped zinc coating, plastic coating or vinyl coating. Hot dipped zinc coated welded mesh fence offers thicker zinc plating than electro galvanized one and stronger zinc plating adhesion, while costs a little higher. Plastic coated or vinyl coated wire fence has more colors available than galvanized welded fences.

Welded wire fence is extensively used as window screening, safety guards on machinery enclosures, zoo fence and various fencing uses. The mesh fabrics are further fabricated into many forms of daily used articles like wire storage shelving, wire decking and welded wire baskets for kitchen uses, pet cages, wire partitions and so on.

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