Welded Mesh Gabions

Xiaoyong is a China supplier of welded mesh gabions of all forms: Boxes, baskets, gabion mats and gabion wall. Made of welded wire fabric, this kind of wire mesh container is uniformly and firmly welded. We supply welded gabions of various sizes.

Welded gabions can be connected with other similar containers and filled with stone to form flexible and permeable structures for retaining of riverbank and soils.

The steel wire for making of welded mesh gabions is cold drawn high tensile steel zinc coated.

Advantage: Gabions made of welded wire fabrics offer much strength compared with woven wire gabions while they have similar flexibility.

Welded wire mesh gabions are mainly used in:
Retaining walls, earth retaining structures;
Protection of highways, crossing works, rockfall protection;
Slope & soil protection;
Protection of culverts and bridges;
Hydraulic structures, water recharge & flood control dams;
Environmental application;
Marine works;
Channel, canal lining, river training works, irrigation & drainage works;
Protection of islands, coastal embankment, shore protection, harbor / marine works;
High security fencing;
Erosion & scour protection, oil pipeline protection.

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